Election 2016: U.S. House - Kentucky 1st District


James R. Comer
  Samuel L. Gaskins




Education: B.A., Western Kentucky University   Education:  N/A
Political Experience: 2001-2012: Representative, Kentucky House of Representatives 53rd District   Political Experience: None


Where They Stand

"Success starts with a great education and we must prepare youth to succeed.  Our education system as we know it is at a crossroad.  We are doing our children an extreme disservice by allowing our system to fall further and further behind the needs of the global marketplace. Teachers and local educators should be able to teach without interference from the federal government.   Teachers deserve freedom to be able to best impact and shape the lives of students..." Read more: (http://jamescomer.com/issues/)
"The education of a child will always start at home and within their first social interactions. With the economy rebounding slowly, there are still families needing to have two incomes to make ends meet. For these families and for children needing early education to help prepare for entrance into the education system, there should be programs available. The higher education system needs to be reformed by lowering costs for the education versus throwing taxpayer funds at the problem." (http://www.samgaskinsforcongress.com/issues)
"For far too long, President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency has been waging a war on coal.  That’s a war being waged on Kentucky’s families and our economy.  First, they attempted to set regulations on new power plants, which essentially required zero carbon emissions on power plants.  The only technology that can meet zero carbon emissions is not proven, so this regulation essentially prohibits coal fired electricity, on which so many Kentucky businesses rely. Hillary Clinton has also pledged a war on coal, going so far as to promise to put coal miners out of business. After the new power plant rule, Obama’s EPA turned their war on coal onto existing power plants..." Read more: (http://jamescomer.com/issues/)
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"The national debt is now over $19 trillion.  By comparison, the total debt when Obama took office was $7.5 trillion. This type of spending is unacceptable.  We must get the spending in Washington under control so that we do not saddle our children and grandchildren with unmanageable mountains of debt.  This is why I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution..." Read more: (http://jamescomer.com/issues/)
"The wasteful spending needs to be brought under control in our government. Every dime of taxpayers money needs to be accounted for to let the taxpayers of our country know they are getting their money’s worth. The people that are hired to do that very job should be willing to do just that without a lot of red tape." (http://www.samgaskinsforcongress.com/issues)
"President Obama has placed the government between you and your doctor.  That is unacceptable.  The Obamacare machine is just getting started, and the impact of this misguided law will have long-term repercussions.  We need leadership in Washington that will repeal Obamacare.  Not only is Obamacare having an impact on individuals, but it is also stifling businesses from creating jobs..." Read more: (http://jamescomer.com/issues/)
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"Our United States is a country founded by immigrants. The security of our nation can be protected through a proper vetting of new immigrants from an origin. With this vetting we can welcome anyone wanting to become a productive citizen. This will also show strength through caution, and also show compassion through welcoming." (http://www.samgaskinsforcongress.com/issues)
"We must ensure that our transportation infrastructure across the commonwealth is maintained and improved.  Specifically, we have an opportunity to finish Kentucky’s portion of Interstate 69 in the next decade.  Federal funding will be key to this effort and I will be a staunch advocate for finishing this project and for ensuring Kentucky receives its share of Federal Highway Trust Fund dollars.  We must also aggressively push the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to complete several major locks and dams projects—including Olmsted and Kentucky Lock—which are vital to our inland waterways system.  Four navigable rivers are a major asset to our state, and improvements to our waterways infrastructure are vital to ensuring that Kentucky exports more of its products by helping them move safely and efficiently to market.   The barge industry has already made numerous reforms to improve the inland waterways system and we need a watchdog in Washington to help hold the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers accountable." (http://jamescomer.com/issues/)
" It is not just the roads and highways of our country that are crumbling. It is the water and sewer systems, electrical grid, dams, ports, and inland waterways. All of these affect Kentuckians in one way or another by delaying the reception of goods, increasing the price of goods, electrical failures, and the threat of dams breaking over populated areas. Also, adequate and trained inspectors need to be employed to make sure that we never let the veins of transportation, water, and power degrade to this point again." (http://www.samgaskinsforcongress.com/issues)
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