Election 2016: U.S. House - Kentucky 3rd District


Harold Bratcher
  John A. Yarmuth
Democrat - Incumbent




Education: N/A
Education: B.A., Yale University
Political Experience: None
Political Experience: 2007-present: Representative, United States House of Representatives Kentucky 3rd District


Where They Stand

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"Since his first days in Washington, Congressman Yarmuth has worked hard to give every American the opportunity to pursue a world-class education. As a member of the House Education and Labor Committee during the 111th Congress, his leadership on education reform led to numerous distinctions, including “Outstanding New Member of Congress” from the Committee for Education Funding (the largest nonpartisan education organization in the country) and "Best Legislator" from the Kentucky Reading Association." (http://www.yarmuthforcongress.com/issues)
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"As a member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Congressman Yarmuth is working for a more balanced energy policy that maximizes our domestic energy resources – especially clean and renewable energy sources – and promotes conservation. For the sake of our national security, he believes we cannot afford to rely on foreign sources of energy, and for the sake of our environment, we must end our dependence on resources that contribute to climate change." (http://www.yarmuthforcongress.com/issues)
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"On March 23, 2010, Congress approved and President Obama signed into law historic health care reform legislation: the Affordable Care Act. The law lowers costs, strengthens care, and – once fully implemented – will guarantee all Americans access to quality, affordable coverage while creating nearly 6 million new jobs in the health care sector. Under the law, no one can be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. More than 15 million Americans now have heatlh insurance, while more than 3 million young people have obtained insurance through their parents’ plans. Hundreds of thousands of small businesses have used tax credits provided under the law to offer coverage for 2 million workers..." Read more: (https://yarmuth.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=111&itemid=506)
"We need to close our borders to refugees and focus on taking care of the people in our country first. I am not against sending aid but we have plenty of Americans that need help first. Build a wall to separate Mexico and the USA to slow the flow of illegal immigrants and terrorists. We cannot give amnesty to the Illegal Immigrants in this country as it would not be fair to the ones that are trying to enter legally. Children born in the US to Illegal Immigrants may elect to become citizens when they reach legal age, but it should not have any bearing on granting citizenship to their parents that entered the country illegally..." Read more: (http://www.bratcherforcongress.com/)
"Our nation’s history has been molded and shaped by the collective narratives of people from across the world. From our country’s very beginning to the present day, immigrants have helped build our nation and make America strong. Their labor and creativity is vital to the economy, and we need it to sustain our economic growth. For too long, politicians in Washington have used the issue of immigration to divide the nation instead of working to find real solutions. Our broken immigration system can only be fixed by putting politics aside and offering solutions that reflect our interests and values as Americans..." Read more: (/admin/menu5.asp?g=PORTAL_2013)
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"We need to allow the courts to stream line and throw out frivolous law suits and court cases so they can focus more on the serious issues." (http://www.bratcherforcongress.com/)
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"Restructure our tax code system to benefit the middle class as well as corporations to make them more competitive in the global market. Keep more jobs in America." (http://www.bratcherforcongress.com/
"Even as our economy recovers from a worldwide recession, it is clear that we are operating in a rapidly evolving and increasingly global economy. At this unique time, we must take bold action to put the recession behind us while working to stay ahead of the transition, so that our nation emerges stronger than ever. A key component in this pursuit is to encourage American innovation and new investment. In Congress, I introduced a bill that would temporarily reduce the capital gains rate to 5 percent for new commercial real estate acquisitions. If enacted, this bill would encourage desperately needed investments in the commercial real estate market and, like the first-time homebuyers tax credit, spur immediate economic growth..." Read more: (https://yarmuth.house.gov/index.cfm?sectionid=153)
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