Election 2016: U.S. Senate - Kentucky


James P. Gray
  Rand Paul
Repubilcan - Incumbent




Education: B.A., Vanderbilt  
Education: M.D., Duke University School of Medicine
Political Experience: 2011-present: Mayor, City of Lexington; 2007-2011: Vice Mayor, City of Lexington  
Political Experience: 2011-present: Senator, United States Senate


Where They Stand


"The world is changing, and so must our educational expectations change. Today, our students must respond to the economic pressures of a highly skilled global economy. This global competition requires a different and vaster set of skills than in the past. A strong education system is essential to advancing our workforce and economy. Businesses looking to expand or locate in Kentucky need to know that we can provide the workforce they need to compete and thrive..." Read more: (http://grayforkentucky.com/issue/intentional-education-training/)
"As the Federal Government has increased the size of the Department of Education, test scores and scholastic performance have markedly dropped. More money, more bureaucracy, and more government intervention are eroding this nation's educational standards. The existence of the Department of Education is an overreach of constitutional authority by the federal government. State and local governments, parents and teachers are far better equipped to meet the needs of their students than the red-tape-laden department, which was established for and tends to benefit teachers' unions rather than students. I believe in more local control over education, where states, localities, and parents can play a much more significant role in their children's schooling..." Read more: (https://www.paul.senate.gov/about-rand/issues/promoting-opportunity-through-education)
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"Washington’s bureaucratic regulations, corporate subsidies, and excessive taxation have made it unnecessarily difficult for energy developers to take advantage of new and innovative forms of cheap and clean energy. Meanwhile, as Kentucky citizens know all too well, traditional energy sources like coal are routinely demonized as Washington, D.C. attempts to regulate their use into oblivion. As a U.S. Senator, I’ve fought against President Obama’s out-of-control EPA, which is destroying Kentucky jobs left and right. I’ve also fought to cut the red tape and encourage energy freedom and new technologies. I support the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, and I have repeatedly voted to allow this project to proceed..." Read more: (https://www.randpaul.com/issues/energy)
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"Reckless levels of spending in Washington have been occurring for far too long. According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), the size of government has grown by more than 49 percent in the last decade. To put this in perspective, the federal government spends more than $11,530 per person, over $3,700 more per individual than what we were spending in 2005. The fiscal crisis we face as a nation needs to be taken seriously, and addressed with immediate action. According to CBO, the budget deficit this year will be $414 billion..." Read more: (https://www.paul.senate.gov/about-rand/issues/balancing-our-nations-budget)
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"I was not a member of the United States Senate during the 111th Congress, but if I had been I would have voted against ObamaCare.  I would have fought against it with every bone in my body. Today, Americans are all too familiar with ObamaCare’s soaring health insurance premiums, shuttered hospitals, and poorer quality healthcare. As your U.S. Senator, I will continue to fight until every word of ObamaCare is wiped off the federal books. As a physician, I have had firsthand experience with the immense problems facing health care in the United States..." Read more: (https://www.randpaul.com/issues/health-care)
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"There’s no question our country has been enriched by those who come to our country seeking the American Dream and a chance at a better life. But millions of illegal immigrants continually crossing our border without our knowledge threatens our national security. That’s why, as a U.S. Senator, I’ve opposed amnesty and fought hard to secure our borders while most in Washington, D.C. offer nothing but talk. I’ve also introduced legislation that would make immigration reform conditional on Congress voting on whether the border is secure, requiring completion of a border fence in five years and stopping the federal government from establishing a national identification card system for citizens. My “Trust but Verify” amendment requires Congress to write and enforce a border security blueprint rather than relying on bureaucracies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, to come up with a plan..." Read more: (https://www.randpaul.com/issues/immigration)
"Washington, D.C. should take a lesson from the business world. Applying good business principles in government can make a real difference to the core mission of government and taxpayers. Jim proved it could be done at City Hall in Lexington, delivering services more efficiently and saving taxpayers from being overburdened. Investments in infrastructure will build bridges to new opportunities and set the foundation for long-term economic prosperity. Solid roads, sturdy bridges and access to high-speed Internet are critical needs in Kentucky in order to attract jobs in emerging industries that will help diversify our economy..." Read more: (http://grayforkentucky.com/issue/smart-government-infrastructure/)
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"Year after year, the various agencies of the Executive Branch hand down thousands of rules and regulations, many of which create undue burdens on businesses and hinder job creation. In particular, over the past several years, the Obama Administration has aggressively and unilaterally expanded the reach of the federal government by way of regulatory fiat. To revive our slow-growth, sluggish economy, one of the top priorities of Congress should be to reduce the burdens on the private sector. Businesses – particularly small businesses – are the engine of our nation's economy, and their success is the key to getting Americans back to work. However, in order for businesses to thrive, government must get out of the way..." Read more: (https://www.paul.senate.gov/about-rand/issues/reversing-burdensome-regulations)
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"I propose we cut taxes for everyone — rich and poor. I want to shrink the Federal government and expand the private sector. Our Founders never intended for the tax code to be used as a weapon against US citizens. Burdensome tax regulations hurt small businesses and slow down our economy. Politicians and lobbyists tinker with the tax code so they can pick winners and losers..." Read more: (https://www.randpaul.com/issues/taxes)
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